Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lunch Break Challenge Results

Thanks to everyone who took the Lunch Break Challenge. I didn't expect half this many responses. So cool that so many of you got out of the office/home/rutt for this. If you weren't able to participate this time around, I've set up a Lunch Break Challenge blog to keep this going. Enjoy.

Seaweed Salad, Bean Sprouts and Kimchee
James from Chicago, Illinois

Chicago-style Hot Dog with Extra Peppers
Dan from Chicago, Illinois

Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Yogurt, and Melon Chunks
Shawn from Hillsboro, Oregon

Two Doughnuts from Top Pot
Leslie from Seattle, Washington

Chicken Tuna Sandwich, Meiji Chocolate Bar and Coke Zero
Kelvin from Singapore

Julie from Salt Lake City, Utah

Taco Bell and Sea Urchin
Jim from San Francisco, California

Homemade Turkey Sandwich and Dr. Pepper
Jeremy from Chicago, Illinois

Backpack Full of Carrots, Granola Bars, a Couple of Ham Sandwiches, and a Few Fresh Peaches for Dessert
Justin from Salt Lake City, Utah
Taco Bell Meal #4. One Mexican Pizza, Two Soft Tacos
Glen from Las Vegas, Nevada

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with Fresh Mozzarella on Focaccia Bread / Cherrios, Avacado and Peaches
Dawn from Chicago, Illinois

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich and Root Beer
Dave from Boston, Massachusetts

Going Home For Lunch
Corey from Chicago, Illinois


the medeiros family said...

Wow! so many great lunch breaks! I bet they are all jealous of my Chick-fil-la in the park! ;)
Great challenge...thanks Greg!

Bukes said...

Man, people get pretty creative with their lunches.

Sea Urchin?