Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving Up

In my US-centric experience, when you have a family and a job, you only change homes to make them bigger and better. For example…

STARTING OUT: We began in a brownstone apartment in Chicago’s Bucktown.

MOVING UP: As our family grew, we moved to the suburbs.
  • Rent became mortgage.
  • Two bedrooms became three.
  • One bathroom became 2.5.
  • 800 square feet became 1900.
  • The strip of dirt between the building and the curb became a yard.

BIGGER AND BETTER: Before we considered moving to Switzerland, we had our next house planned out.
  • We wanted a basement.
  • We wanted an extra bedroom.
  • We wanted a laundry room, not just a laundry nook.
  • We wanted a pantry, not just a cupboard.

INTERRUPTION: But when we moved to Geneva, we went back to living in an apartment and paying rent.

This is typical for expats. And I think the success and happiness of most expats is based largely on our ability to ignore the notion that this as a step backward.

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scott said...

There's always a bright side - no lawn to mow or weeds to pull!