Monday, October 13, 2008

Using More Than You Need?

Here's a little something we produced last week. Our CEO, Marcus Brown, was asked by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) to moderate a panel titled "Overconsumption, Ethics and the Role of Advertising."

Marcus asked if we could come up with a design for a flyer that could be distributed throughout the convention center in Barcelona to drive people to the meeting.

My partner, Fred and I were swamped. We had two pitches to prepare for. But we thought Why not?

We sat for an hour or two, and came up with a few ideas. Fortunately, our creative director, Bob Heron, and Marcus gravitated to this one, which was our favorite. (Click to enlarge.) After all, why do flyers when you can do toilet paper?

The only kink came when panel members got a preview and began asking for confirmation that the paper was not only recycled, but FSC-certified. Took several more hours that we'd have otherwise spent on the project, but it paid off. They're all FSC-approved.

According to Marcus, the event and the flyers were a big success.

CD: Bob Heron
AD: Frédéric Savioz
CW: Greg Christensen

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