Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life Without TV

I'm not a huge Phillies fan. Or even a Rays fan. But I really would have liked to have watched the World Series.

I would have liked to watch the Presidential debates.

I would have liked to watch the Bejing Olympics.

I would like to be watching The Office without having to pay $2.99 an episode downloaded to my iPod.

We're working on getting cable. Hopefully, we'll have it in time for the next big event. We'll at least have by January, for the main reason we have a TV.


Jer Jensen said...

I gave up in season 2. The Others we're driving me nuts & nothing was revealed hour after hour.

I hear it has gotten better. I don't have TV either. We do dvds on Netflix. Do they have Swissflix?

Shawn Elison said...

Who needs TV? You can see the debates online at You can also see Office episodes. I also highly recommend checking our for full length programs.

the medeiros family said...

Oh. Greg. I'm so sorry. I won't pretend that I don't love my tv (and DVR for that matter) because I really do. Did you see this week's Office yet? I'd be curious to know what you thought. I have been liking the direction things have been going this season and hope it doesn't change too much.