Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gutten tag, Big Rösti!

I used to experience significant guilt eating at McDonald's while in Europe. It seemed like a crutch. A big, fat, American crutch with a side of fries. But it's hard to do road trips with three kids under 6 without a roadside stop at McDo's (what the French call Mickey D's). So I try to temper the guilt by ordering promotional items that are unique to the region.

Last week we were in Germany, and I ordered the Big Rösti...On two separate occasions.

The Big Rösti is a large piece of cow topped with cheese, sauce, bacon, and...wait for it...a giant hash brown patty. It kind of makes the fries redundant, but who cares. The top of the bun is also laden with cheese and bacon bits.

Unlike some of the other McPromotions I've tried, I think the Big Rösti would be a guaranteed hit in the States. A big, fat hit.

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Bolshevik said...

I totally relate to your "comforting familiarity, but with a local twist" longing. When I was in New Zealand, I had the Kiwi Burger at McD's, which included a beat and an egg on it.