Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flat Stanley

Years ago when I saw Amélie, I thought the traveling gnome prank was brilliant. I liked the film so much, I was a little disappointed to discover it didn't originate with the movie.

One of my son's friends back in Chicago asked us to help out on a similar project and take pictures of Flat Stanley. Again, brilliant. But it turns out Flat Stanley isn't a new thing either. (Did I miss out on too much as a kid?)

So we took Flat Stanley to Munich with us. And I was surprised to see a couple other tourists posing with their Flat Stanleys. I should have taken pictures of them, but taking pictures of strangers seemed a little weird. It's awkward enough to pose with a paper doll.

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the medeiros family said...

Yep...we've done Flat Stanley, too! However, our Stanley never visited such exciting places as yours has!
I guess Davis County wasn't up on these things when we were young!