Thursday, February 5, 2009

We're proud of you, America!!!

I recently presented a piece of collateral to a client, which used the line “We’re proud of you.”

I was told by the client that this was very American, and that Europeans were much more conservative. It should say, “Congratulations!” No one in Europe would say, “We’re proud of you.”

I asked my Swiss co-worker about this and he confirmed that it was a very American statement. 

What? I’m willing to admit cultural ignorance. But this still seems a little weird to me.

What kind of stickers do European teachers put on their European grade-school students' homework?

- "Fine job."
- "This achievement is yours."
- "Acknowledged."
- "Virtual handshake."
- "With shielded emotions, I commend you."

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Erin E said...

Hahaha. I would love to see "acknowledged" on a kid's homework assignment. I suppose it's kinda the same thing as a check mark, only much more hilarious. This post reminds me of my swim meets when I was little. Everyone got a ribbon, no matter what place you got. Even if you finished dead last, you got a big pink ribbon that said "6th place."

See ya tomorrow (Friday, woohoo)