Monday, February 16, 2009

The New Kid

If you're a geeky, socially-awkward  adolescent, you may occasionally fantasize about moving to a new school and starting over tabula rasa. If no one knows you, you can change who you are. You can resculpt your image. Maybe you can convince people that you're cooler than you really are.

I think brands try this. Take, for example, this KFC I came across just outside of Munich, Germany.

The KFC up the street from me in Chicago was the size of my kitchen and the cashiers stood behind bullet-proof glass. True, that's not representative of most KFCs. But neither is this one.

This is IKEA-sized. It's got a three-story corkscrew slide. I could see red leather-upholstered bar stools inside (no I didn't go in). Can you think of anywhere in the States where KFC could pull this off?

Guten tag, Herr Colonel.

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Dom said...

Why didn't you go in?