Friday, February 20, 2009

Breakfast in America

To the right is the in-room breakfast menu at our hotel in Munich. You can click to enlarge, but here's the line-up:

The French breakfast is only 13.50 Euros.
It includes croissants, a baguette and some butter.

The Munich breakfast is 18.50 Euros.
It includes wheat beer, sausage, pretzel with mustard and three different kinds of bread.

The healthy breakfast is also 18.50 Euros.
It includes "vital cereals," fruit, juices and something called "Actimel."

The Italian breakfast is 20.50 Euros.
It includes Parma ham, salami, tomatoes, mozzarella with basil, scrambled egg with spinach and a glass of prosseco.

The American breakfast is 26.00 Euros.
At almost double the price of the French breakfast and 5.50 Euros more than the next most expensive, it includes a selection of sausage, ham and cheese, scrambled eggs, muffin, and a glass of juice.

As an American, I buy that French = croissants, German = beer, Italian = something with tomatoes and basil, and that American = most expensive and/or gluttonous on the menu. But I will never pay 26 Euros for a so-called "American breakfast" that doesn't include pancakes, waffles or (ironically) french toast.

I know American breakfasts, and you, Hilton Park of Munich, serve no American breakfasts.


the medeiros family said...

So which one did you go for??
I've enjoyed catching up on your past posts!

Bolshevik said...

And it doesn't even sound like it was reindeer sausage!