Friday, March 27, 2009

Cool Business Ideas

I love learning about unique business practices. I keep a file of the ones I find most interesting. The most famous is Google's policy of encouraging employees to spend 20% of their work time on side projects. But here are a couple others I've come across recently:

Zappo's offers new employees a $2,000 bonus to quit after they've completed a four-month training period. CEO Tony Hsieh says, "It's best to know early on if an employee doesn't buy into the vision or the culture."

A new agency called Big Agency Defectors (BAD) has a 20:20:20 plan. For all new clients, they will develop three creative routes for $20k. For another $20k, they'll blow out any one of those routes into a full campaign. And they'll charge a 20% markup of production on any ads produced.

Anyone have any other cool ideas to share?

Anyone have any specifically from Swiss or Euro businesses?


the medeiros family said...

No ideas here, but I'm thinking I might apply at Zappos. :)

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

This idea (tactic) is likely widely used but in my sector (nonprofit), sometimes 'sliced bread' can appear to be innovative :-) I learned from a Xerox manager how to un-sell interested job candidates. Some folks applying for a job will say yes to anything or not ask the "so what's not working in this organization" question. So I would un-sell them on taking the job right before making an offer. In some cases, my colleagues and I would really lay out our dirty laundry, common frustrations and deficiencies. Once the person is hired it is also harder for them to say they didn't know...