Monday, March 23, 2009

Oreos in Apple Juice

An American co-worker recently received a care package with three packs of Oreos. While I would have hoarded them like free hotel toiletries, she was kind enough to bring them into the office.

SWISS:  What are these?

AMERICAN:  Oreo cookies.

SWISS:  They look like biscuits.

AMERICAN:  Um...Well, you should try them.

SWISS:  They taste like chocolate biscuits.

AMERICAN:  Well, they're not. They're cookies. You should try dunking them in milk.

SWISS:  You put these in milk?

AMERICAN:  Yeah, that's the best way to eat them. See on the package, it says, "Milk's favorite cookie."

SWISS:  That's weird.

AMERICAN:  Putting them in milk?

SWISS:  No, the company telling you what drink to have with their food. What if it said "Apple juice's favorite cookie"? Can't you choose for yourself?

The Swiss are neutral. But they apparently do not appreciate having their beverages dictated to them.

Lesson: Do not share your Oreos.

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monkeyama said...

Hahaha! I got a good laugh out of this. Especially when you give the swiss guy an accent while reading it.