Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blogosphere Experiments, Part 3 (or Bakugan, Britney Spears, AIG bailout)

According to Google Analytics, some weird things are happening with this blog.

I usually get around 40 hits a day, which is very flattering. A huge thanks to everyone who reads this.

But traffic has spiked to around 80, and has been holding for some time. And I think it's because of my Bakugan post.

Google Analytics tells me that this Bakugan post has received 839 hits since it was first posted a month ago. I know those aren't you regular readers.

And a search for "Bakugan au combat" lists this blog immediately after two Bakugan instructional videos on You Tube.

So I've double the visitors to my blog with a serendipitous post title. The Bakugan visitors don't seem to spend much time on the site once they realize it's just cultural commentary. But I wish they'd click on a GoogleAd ad or two while they're there.

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