Sunday, March 8, 2009

Redesign the Rupee

Most major currencies have their own symbol.

The dollar: $
The pound: £
The euro: €
The yen: ¥

Switzerland doesn’t have one. We use “CHF” which technically stands for “Confederatio Helvetica Franc." But even abbreviated, it's not really worth writing out.

India's in the same boat. There isn't a symbol for the rupee. Yet. But the government is having a contest for Indian citizens to design a symbol for their currency.

Maybe they should redesign their currency, too. On one hand, if you’re the nation of Ghandi, of course you’re going to have him on your money. On the other hand, putting even Ghandi on ever single bill is overdoing it just a bit, don’t you think? Considering the man didn’t care much for the stuff anyway.

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