Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I don't subscribe to Money Magazine anymore.

Because we still have a mortgage, credit cards, and other US-based accounts, we use my in-laws home as our US address. So once every few months, we get a package that's just mail. We just sorted through a recent delivery. Junk mail on the left, important stuff on the right:

One of the pieces of junk mail was from Money Magazine, which I used to subscribe to. This is what they sent me to try to get me to re-subscribe. A mini-calendar!

I had to cut the tabs and fold it myself, which might be a turn-off, but guess what? This calendar's got me covered all the way to 2010! It's two-sided! Talk about economizing!

Maybe Money is going to the local mechanics and Jiffy Lube franchises, since that's the only place I've ever seen these calendars anyway. But I can only imagine the conversation that happened that led to this wonderful, wonderful gift.

CMO: These are tough times. People are losing their homes and their life savings.

AE: But we are in a unique position to help educate Americans about their finances. We should position ourselves as an answer to the problem.

CMO: I agree.

AE: Let's reach out, and send some mini-calendars to our lapsed subscribers.

CMO: How much will that cost?

AE: Certainly more than it's worth.

CMO: Brilliant!

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