Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Ultimate Road Trip

I’m about to tell you exactly why your next car should be a Volvo.

My in-laws have spent the last two weeks visiting us in Geneva. Before coming, they bought a Volvo directly from the manufacturer in Sweden. Not only was this less expensive than buying from the dealer in the States, Volvo also paid for their trip to Europe.

They were flown from Portland, Oregon to Gothenburg, Sweden. They were picked up at the airport and put up in a nice hotel. They received a guided tour of the factory with meals included. After receiving their fresher-than-fresh-off-the-lot car, they boarded a ferry to Denmark, drove down through Germany and Switzerland to see their us and their grandkids.

They've since driven back into Germany to visit some other relatives. In a couple days, they’ll swing back up to Copenhagen where the car will be shipped to the States. Shipping is paid by Volvo as is their airfare  back to the States.

Why would Volvo do all this? It builds brand loyalty. It provides an emotional link to their product. And the company bypasses the dealership entirely.

I think the bigger question is "Why aren't more Americans taking advantage of this?" If you had a choice between buying a car and buying the same car for less with a free trip to Europe thrown in, why would you haggle with the dealer?

Porsche has a similar program, and Saab says theirs should be available by 2009. I wonder if GM has considered doing this. Or would free trips to Detroit make people less brand loyal?


Restless Mom said...

a friend of ours just did this very thing, and got a lot of extra bonus perks (free side trip to italy) built in since she bought last year's model (still a brand new car). we're planning on doing this when i get my german luxury car for supporting the hubby through 2 1/2 years of grad school. :)

enjoying your blog!

the medeiros family said...

You are kidding me??!! Wow! I'd love for Chad to get a Volvo...esp if it meant a trip to Europe! So do you have to buy the car to get the free trip? lol