Friday, September 19, 2008

Frank & Kimya

The first time I ever heard about Kimya Dawson was a couple years ago when we were trying to license a Moldy Peaches song for a Sears commercial. But I think it was her work on the soundtrack for Juno that really made her famous. A few weeks ago, my friend Frank saw I was playing Juno on iTunes.

Frank: Oh, you like Kimya Dawson?

Greg: Sure.

Frank: She’s married to my friend, you know.

Greg: What?

Frank: Her husband, Angelo. We used to be in a band together.

Greg: What?

Frank uses my keyboard to get onto Kimya Dawson’s MySpace page. There’s a cute photo of her with her husband and baby girl.

Frank: Yeah, that’s Angelo. He’s from Anncey. [Frank’s hometown.] You know the song Vampire?

Greg: Yeah.

Frank: They recorded it in my house.

I play “Vampires” from the Juno soundtrack.

Greg: This song?

Frank: Yeah. I don’t know if it’s this version, but the first one was recorded in my house.

So our interactive guy is friends with Kimya Dawson and her husband. Cool. A few days ago, he told me Kimya and her family were coming to Anncey, and they’d be staying with him. Interesting. But it was a surprise when Frank came to work this morning with a copy of Kimya’s new children’s album “Alphabutt” signed by the whole family.

What Kimya wrote for me...

What Angelo wrote for me...

What their daughter, Panda, wrote for me...

And, yes. The cover art features cute animals passing alphabet gas...

Now if I could just find a turntable in Geneva.