Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fire and Water

We brought a 1000-Watt transformer with us so we could continue using our U.S.-format electronics. The problem is, there is only one outlet in the apartment that can handle that current, and it's in the closet that's designed for the stacking washer and dryer.

Since we use the building's laundry room, our wash closet is our computer hutch. We say it's temporary, but if it's still the set up in 2010, I won't be too surprised.

Connected to the transformer is a power strip with six U.S. outlets, which means this closet is where we get online, recharge the Leapster, plug in the iron, and (as you can see) make our popcorn. We brought a waffle iron, but I don't want batter dripping on my iMac.

The good thing about this being in the washer closet is that if there's ever an electrical fire, we can just turn on the tap (on the right, just behind the broom).

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