Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cool Bands

We have a shared speaker system in my area of the office. Three of us take turns playing off our iTunes, although as the new guy, they've yielded more time to me than I deserve. I've been using the new Apple Genius playlist quite a bit. So far, the most appreciated are the classic rock and Motown mixes.

People haven't shown much interest in the bands I consider a little newer and a little hipper. The Apples in Stereo, Beck, the Decemberists, and Bon Iver have all been met with indifference. I haven't even tried playing Explosions in the Sky.

The two exceptions are M. Ward and Iron & Wine. My coworkers love these guys. As well they should.

(If you've never heard M. Ward, check out the video for his song "Chinese Translation.)


Peter Kliefoth said...


If you like those band you may like Sam Roberts, not sure if you've heard of them but here are a couple links...

Greg Christensen said...

Thanks for the recommend, Peter. I'm liking Sam already. Cheers!