Monday, September 22, 2008

Culture Shock

My Discovery: There are no Sharpies in Switzerland.

My Reaction: What?!

I was at the office this weekend helping pull together a presentation. When we began making revisions, I asked if we had any Sharpies. I got a room full of blank stares. "You know? Sharpies? A black marker." I was handed a generic black marker. "No! Sharpies!" More blank stares. I even tried pronouncing it in French. Nope. Sharpies are not to be found in Switzerland.

No peanut butter and no root beer. This I was prepared for. But no Sharpies?


Chen-Carter said...

how does one say 'sharpie' with a frenchie accent?

Bolshevik said...

How does on concept without a Sharpie?