Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let's kill some blogs.

I realize I'm starting to be a pack-rat for blogs. I've got too much digital detritus hanging around the blogosphere. I've started a handful on a whim. I had high hopes for one, nurtured it for about 18 months then stopped feeding it like a neglected gigapet. So I'm ready to put a few on some digital chloroform beds.

Here's the fun part: You get to help me put them down.

Go to this blog's main page. In the upper left corner is a poll to determine which blogs should head for Davy Jones' locker. You can vote for multiple candidates, and in the event of a tie (or near-tie), I'll do a two-fer, and delete a couple.

Poll closes August 15.

(The Bakugan Au Combat blog warrants explanation. For that, click here.)

1 comment:

Ndrhsrfamily said...

Just don't put this one down. It is our favorite.