Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mayotard from Eurotah.

Pulp Fiction begins with a dialogue between two American hit-men making fun of the Dutch for putting mayonnaise on their fries. Vincent and Jules' conversation made an impression on me because I still feel a little guilty about what I'm going to admit:

I have been dipping my fries in mayonnaise for several months now.
Actually, I use a mayo-mustard mix. I call it mayotard. It must be my Utah roots because it's a lot like the mayo-ketchup mix known as "fry sauce" to Utahns and Idahoans. (Fry sauce, by the way, a common condiment in the Utah/Idaho region, but mention it in any other state, and you'll just get blank stares.)

So mayotard isn't necessarily a European thing. It's more of a Eurotah thing.


Diane Kappa said...

I heart Mayo! What do the Europeans do it that makes it so tasty!!!

the medeiros family said...

So glad you haven't forsaken your Utah roots! :)