Monday, August 17, 2009

Ali Kebap revealed

The Ali Kebap teaser campaign ended today. Here's the reveal:

SGA Affichage is an outdoor sign company. The translation is roughly SGA Billboards, the track to success.

My predictions were:
  1. It's an already-established brand. To cover the country with this many posters, there's got to be some significant money behind it. WRONG. But it makes sense that a company that puts up outdoor signs would be able to canvas the country this way. Especially in this economy when there are fewer companies willing to spend money on outdoor.
  2. The posters will remain the same, but the reveal will appear in the negative space just below Ali's navel in the posters and to the left of his fist in the billboards. WRONG. The theme was the same, but the negative space on the original posters wasn't intentional. Just poor art direction.
  3. It will not be food-related. But if it is, it will be health food. CORRECT. But to be honest, I was hedging my bets a little with the health food thing.
  4. The reveal will be a "groaner," not an "ah-ha." I'd love to be wrong here. I'm just going by the track records of most other teaser campaigns I've seen. CORRONG. I'm not sure it's a complete groaner. It makes sense for an outdoor company to show how their services can help businesses grow and make money. And a teaser campaign is a nice way to do that. Not a terrible idea.
  5. It will not be for a Kebap restaurant. Duh.
I think if SGA Affichage really wanted to increase their income, they should actually partner with local kebap restaurants in cities throughout Switzerland and let them be the Ali Kebap for a month or so. Ali could make special appearances as a minor celebrity, and the otherwise non-descript kebap joint would surely see a boost. Looking outside their traditional source of income worked well for the Fenway Sports Group.

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