Thursday, August 27, 2009

Matterhorn vs. Matterhorn

I've ridden the Matterhorn at Disneyland several times in my life. But recently, my family and I took a day trip to Zermatt to see the real thing. If you're considering visiting one, but can't decide which would be best, here's a helpful guide to show you how they stack up.

Anaheim Matterhorn
composition: 80% paper mache, 15% roller coaster, 5% animatronic yeti

  • Happiest place on earth.
  • Usually warm enough to wear shorts.
  • Equipped with secret basketball court.
  • Waterfalls.

  • Waterfalls are totally fake.
  • Forced to listen to yodel music while in line.
  • Not only has Disney never made a movie about this ride, they haven't tried to replicate it at the parks in Orlando or Paris. Either it's just not safe and the insurance is sky high, or that much paper mache is cost-prohibitive.
Zermatt Matterhorn
composition: 99% slate, 1% snow

  • Bigger in real life. Much, much bigger.
  • More hiking trails.
  • Don't have to wait in line for 45 minutes.
  • No visible yetis.

  • Top covered in clouds.
  • Still had to carry tired kids.
  • No churros.

ADVANTAGE: Zermatt Matterhorn

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Liddle said...

They built Everest in Orlando instead....a MUCH better ride with a much bigger yeti.