Friday, August 21, 2009

New jogging route

I had the same jogging route for several months, mostly weaving through Geneva's streets and neighborhoods.

A while back, on a whim, I took a different route, crossed a bridge and came across this...

It's especially nice when the sun is rising, and on really clear mornings Mont Blanc is visible.

So now I have a new jogging route.


Chantal said...

Isn't it amazing how many routes you can discover in Switzerland? I have about three main jogging paths that I rotate between. One along a vineyard, one in the woods, and one along a river. All within 5 minutes of my apartment. Gotta love Switzerland for that!

the medeiros family said...

Wow, what a gorgeous route. Hmm...makes me wonder. Would I like running more if I had a route like that? I doubt it, but I wouldn't mind testing it.

Hey...didn't you do some running experiment w/ Kelly Oram or the track coach regarding soda cosumption and its affects on running? Didn't you have some uber cool pair of running shoes? Am I just making up random memories?

Greg Christensen said...

A Kelly Oram running experiment with soda consumption and cool track shoes sounds less like reality and more like a weird dream after a huge plate of pasta.