Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parks Lawyers Would Never Build, Part 1

The parks we've come across in Europe could never be built in America because they'd give too many people too many reasons to sue whoever designed them, built them and maintained them. In other words, the parks we've seen here are a lot more fun than the ones in America.

So here's the first in what I plan to be a series of Parks Lawyers Would Never Build.

This one was in a small mountain town in France. The zig-zag walking platform is almost four feet high with nothing more than some very distant metal poles to grab onto for support.

U.S. LAWYER SOLUTION: Secure the walking area with netting on both sides of the planks. Also, use more planks to transform the zig-zag platform into a solid floor. The wood should then be be thoroughly sanded.

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the medeiros family said...

Yes, we tend to be hyper-careful about what we do and how we do it, don't we! lol

So have you tried the restaurant w/the "smells" coming from it yet??