Friday, July 10, 2009

Titanium Bound - an experimental blog

I'm going to launch another blog. I do question the wisdom of authoring yet another blog. But this one's more a repository of ideas than a blog. It's about developments in the ad industry that challenge my own expectations of what an ad agency should do and be. Three examples:

1. Fallon recently launched Skimmer. What business does an ad agency have developing web applications?

2. Big Agency Defector's 20:20:20 method of billing new clients. This is a brilliant idea. What aren't more agencies doing it?

3. Coca-Cola's pushing their pay-for-performance model of agency compensation. Great news for agencies? Or should we break out the picket signs?

It's not going to be "Hey, check out the new campaign from Wieden." It can't be. The web groans under the weight of all those blogs.

This is basically a blog to help me understand one thing: When I'm asked to help lead an agency, what kind of agency are we going to be? Ten years ago, I would have said, "We'll do print, TV and radio." I don't think anyone can say that anymore.

I'm calling the new blog Titanium Bound. I'm already regretting the name (borrowed from the Cannes Lion category). But I'm not looking to win a Pulitzer or anything, so whatever. Anyone interested in contributing? I'd love to have some smart co-authors.