Thursday, July 16, 2009


I've been in Europe over a year, and I still can't bring myself to use these public toilets.

Not sure why. It's probably a lot more sanitary, and I bet most people tend to hover over regular toilet bowls anyway when they're in rest stops and malls. Maybe I just don't like the idea of a toilet being designed with my feet in mind.


Diane Kappa said...

Greg-I hear you! If you want a good laugh head over to my friends website and look half way down on the right next to the "Make me laugh". They apparently found a photo explaining how western toilets are used. I think you will appreciate it!

Chantal said...

At least you're a guy...these bathrooms are all they have at French rest stops. But I did learn that the handicapped toilets are usually normal so I just use those.

the medeiros family said...

Ahhhh....yes, I remember these toilets well! They were quite a shock when I first saw them. Love them, hate them...they do the job! lol