Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogosphere Experiments, Part 5: The Virtual Ghost Town of Blogs

There are a lot of dead blogs on the net - digital ghost towns of one-post blogs lost in limbo.

Before deciding to call my new blog Titanium Bound, I came up with a list of names and asked a few friends for their ideas, too. But once I started checking the availability of names, I realized they were all taken by dead blogs.

Here's a sample of the names I checked and the status of the blog that already owns that name. Those marked with a * indicate blogs with a single post (i.e., someone started the blog and then decided it was too hard).

NAME: Flux Capacitor

NAME: Signpost
LAST POST: 2002*

NAME: Bend in the River
LAST POST: 2005*

NAME: Another Thing Coming

NAME: Gathers No Moss

NAME: Adnostic
LAST POST: Sept. 2008*

NAME: Volution
LAST POST: Oct. 2008 (blog is in French)

NAME: Premonition
LAST POST: 2003*

NAME: Ice to Eskimos
LAST POST: Sept. 2008


the medeiros family said...

Always love catching up on your blog...love seeing outside my UT bubble!
I must admit, I was filled with awe and envy when you mentioned you went to Genova (only 4hrs away!!!). What an adventure you and your family are having! I went to Chick-fil-a today AND I'm going to the midnight opener of Harry Potter tonight w/ my boys. Comes in a close 2nd to Italy, huh? lol

Bolshevik said...

Those are some good names. Too bad they're going to waste.