Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Twist on the Immigrant Debate

I’m amazed at the number of anglophiles in Geneva who have no interest in learning French. I’ve met people who’ve lived here for years and speak about as well as I do.

Granted, it’s easy to get around Geneva in English. But if you’re here for an extended stay, why not try?

I’ve started to wonder if these are the same US expats who back home would argue that Hispanic immigrants to the States should be compelled to learn English.

For the record, I do think immigrants to the United States should learn English. But I think this applies to me in this or any other country as well.

It’s made me realize the subtleties of the argument. Your position comes down to one of two beliefs: 

People living in a foreign country should learn the native tongue.


Everyone should learn English.

I guess beliefs aren’t beliefs until they’re tested against laziness.

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