Monday, August 4, 2008

Creative = Middle Management?

I have a Swiss bank account now. I didn’t see any South American dictators or oil conglomerate CEOs in the lobby. But it was still an interesting experience.

First, there are no walk-ins. You have to schedule an appointment. They escort you to a small room with a desk, give you a glass of water and ask you to wait. Then a representative from the bank enters and takes you through a series of questions, making detailed notes on several official-looking pieces of paper. After an hour or so, you’ve got the much-heralded Swiss bank account. (There's no free checking, by the way. You pay a monthly fee to bank in Switzerland. It's about $15 a month unless you have over $10,000 in your account. Then they bump it down to $10 a month. If you have $10,000 in your account, I'm sure saving $5 a month comes as a great relief.)

But here’s what gets me: When I received copies of the forms, I was aghast to see they described my position as “middle management.” I explained to him what I do. That I’m a writer – a SENIOR writer – for an ad agency. That I produce television commercials, print advertising and online content seen all over the world. And that’s what they reduced me to. It feels so...Dilbert.

Shortlisted at Cannes, and I’m still in middle management.

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Jer Jensen said...

Greg - you'll laugh to know that I've spent a couple years of my career improving the account opening process for the bank I work for. We should have done some competitive shopping with the Swiss. They sound quite through. As a middle manager myself, this was one of the most creative projects I've led.

Here's an article on the project: