Friday, August 15, 2008

Caller are you there?

I subscribe to Tom Monahan’s Before and After blog. Really good stuff. He doesn’t post frequently, but when he does, they’re worth reading. (Tom used to author the Advertising column of Communication Arts before bequeathing it to Ernie Schenck, so each post reads a lot like one of his old columns.)

Last week he posted about a conference call that sounded like an interesting opportunity. A creative organization expert was hosting a 20-minute call about how to increase creativity within agencies. I forwarded it on to my ECD and my CEO, who both thought it was a great idea and asked me to reserve a conference room and send an invite out to the entire agency, which I did.

I guess I was a little overzealous, because it wasn’t until after I'd r.s.v.p.-ed to participate in the call that I realized the States-based call would begin Friday evening at 6:15, Geneva time.

Which is why last Friday, I sat in the reserved conference room by myself.

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Bukes said...

Ah, you should have filmed yourself listening to it. And then youtubed the video. And then posted it here. So we could have all listened, together.