Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm On Fire!

Our PR department just informed me that Werbewoche has written about my arrival. Their email says this is "the Swiss German most important trade magazine." Thing is, it's all in German.

I have a translator widget on my dashboard, so I plugged in the write-up, and this is what it spit out:

Young & Rubicam of fire Geneva receives reinforcement from Chicago.

The 35-jaehrige Greg Christensen is new as Copywriter with Young & Rubicam of fire Geneva on board. It pushes from Y&R Chicago to the Geneva agency and looks on approximately ten years experience in the advertising industry back. Christensen will operate in its new position for the B2B- and B2C-Mandate, among other things for Pharmaton, Baboo and the World Economic forum.

(For the record, I think Young & Rubicam Brands should change its name to Young & Rubicam of Fire.)


Bolshevik said...

Wow! I think any agency could be improved by adding "of Fire" to the end of their name.

Wieden + Kennedy of Fire.
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners of Fire.
Black Rocket of Fire.
Chiats of Fire.

And I didn't know you had 10 years of experience in the advertising industry back. I remember the time you spent in the hip and that internship in the spleen, but I didn't realize you'd been in the back that long. Time flies!

silver (ag) said...

Its too bad they didnt mention your "reckless burning" in conjunction with your 10 years of experience. That would have made more sense, right?