Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Scarlet Number

In Switzerland, if you get too many speeding tickets, they make you put a sticker on your car that indicates you're only allowed to drive at reduced speeds. They honestly shame you into not speeding. As long as this sticker's on his window (usually 3 months, depending on the violation), this poor guy has to display that he can't drive over 45 kilometers per hour.

Maybe it's because this hasn't happened to me yet, but I think this is pretty hilarious.


the medeiros family said...

I'd love to see something like this done over here...maybe for road rage or people who drive in the carpool lane that shouldn't.

Chantal said...

Only in Switzerland.

Anonymous said...

Slightly wrong - this is a car that can be driven with no licence. It has an elxtronic gizmo on it to make it stay under 45kph. Clever way aroud the law for those who lose their llicence.