Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Obama style (from a Swiss perspective)

No matter what policies Obama's implementing (or failing to implement) back in the States, his brand is still strong overseas.

We have a Swiss copywriting intern in the office, and I asked him to write several lines for a client who's wants to announce how they tailor their products to their customers' needs. One of his suggested lines was this:

You wish, we made. (Obama style)

I'm amazed that someone who's only moderately proficient in English is recommending communication be "Obama style."

I'm not sure which is stronger, Obama's brand or the reach and influence of American politics. I can't imagine writing any line and giving the direction "Sarkozy style" or "Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa style."

Maybe these would work:

Yes! No! Whatever! Reorganize the government! (Berlusconi style)

You have no idea who I am! (Stephen Harper style)


PJL said...

c'mon Greg everyone knows and loves the Canadian Prime Minister.

Done without the use of google

Peter said...

There are an awful lot of Canadians who'd beg to differ on Harper.

Greg Christensen said...

Okay. A more accurate phrase would have been, "99% of Americans have no idea who I am!"