Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RIP Merlin

From 1997-98 I was a producer at the Graham Group, which made all the TV commercials for the Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers. Merlin Olsen was their spokesman, and I just heard about his passing.

Most people know him as one of the best defensive linemen of all-time. Others know him as Jonnathan Garvey from Little House on the Praire or Father Murphy. So I shouldn't be too disappointed that those Rocky Mountain Chevy ads have been overlooked in his obits.

Merlin was a class act, very kind and respectful of everyone on the set, and as a Sigma Chi brother, we could perform all sorts of secret rituals and handshakes when the cameras weren't rolling.

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pcskiboy said...

Seems like just yesterday that we were eating dinner with him in memory grove at the thima chi function.