Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Faux Cougar Chronicles, Part 2

I have recently received news that the European reunion of the University of Utah alumni has been canceled.

To ensure I got the message, Muriel van Alsté, President of the Utah European Association, sent me four identical emails.

She claims the reunion is postponed due to "a string of personal problems within the organizing committee."

But I can't help wonder if it's still on and Muriel just read yesterday's post.


Josh said...

Loved reading this...was it thought of you in blue or the thought of the whole conference being canceled because of you? LOL
So, I was just catching up on your post about the pokemon/marble game. Your You Tube search quickly makes me chuckle over my kids similar searches on Pokemon and Webkins (are your kids into those?) Have you seen that post-pubescent male posting all sorts of Pokemon advice? It's really creepy. And sad.

Josh said...

Oh...and I'm not Josh...apparently I'm logged in under his's Julie

LeAnn said...

so just to clarify...the u of u reunion cancelled or byu reunion cancelled???? Very mature of you to have accepted the assignment...I'm sure you could have pulled off being a cougar. I mean that in a nice way.

Greg Christensen said...

The U of U reunion was cancelled. I'm still on my way to Frankfurt to represent the Geneva Cougars.