Wednesday, January 7, 2009

American Market

Yesterday, I walked into the American Market, a small grocery store a couple blocks from my office. Here are some of the items and their prices converted into US dollars.

Oreos - $11.67
Pop Tarts - $5.35
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups - $2.81
Lucky Charms - $9.51
Ben & Jerry's - $8.60
Can of A&W - $2.26

On the bright side, there's no sales tax.


Diane Kappa said...

We just received a care package from our friend back in the states. There was a bag of Oreos...we ate half the bag before getting off the couch. I don't remember loving Oreos so much.

Swiss Miss said...

The prices are outrageous. But what's even crazier it that sometimes it's just worth it.

Chen-Carter said...

Well, but can't you buy a Swatch watch for like $7?