Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Book List

Since 1998 I've kept notes on the books I read throughout the year. I just finished my 2008 book list. Click here to download it. Comments and recommendations for 2009 are always welcome.

I feel like I overdosed on business books this year. And I neglected to read a biography of a U.S. President and a financial book, which I try to do annually. I did get my annual LDS and Shakespeare reads in, though (Rough Stone Rolling and Julius Caesar, respectively). 


Shawn Elison said...

A couple of my recommendations would be The Black Swan and The Killer Angels. I've added several of the books on your lists to my future reading list (and some of them were already there). I've always appreciated your recommendations, going way back to grade school, so I look forward to reading these!

Libby Anderson said...

Awesome list, thanks for sending. I've already ordered Ant Farm and Dale Carnegie (can't bear to type it, haven't gotten over the stigma yet). I'll be copying your idea this year if that's all right. Starting off the month with Nudge, 2 thumbs up so far. Really enjoying your blog, especially the intermittent Y&R Chicago posts.