Sunday, November 23, 2008

Will You Be My TV Guide?

After 5 months, we got our TV set up. It feels like a ridiculous luxury - something we almost shouldn't have - like a gold-plated sink or federal bailout.

Flipping through the channels I found CNN, CSI in Italian, yoga and South Park in German, MTV in French, and Al Jazeera.

I started to program my DVR. It's set to record Heroes. I know Lost isn't on until February, and I'm not sure when BSG picks up for its final season, but I know it's not for a while.

Here's my problem: Even though we get CNBC Europe, my DVR can't find any matches for The Office, 30 Rock or SNL. I can't imagine than CNBC wouldn't be airing these shows.

I've got a theory: It's the week before Thanksgiving, and these shows are in reruns. In a week or so I'll be able to search them, find them, and hit the "record season" button.

Can anyone out there confirm or crush this idea?


tom peterson said...

How good is your web connection?

Hulu is awesome for catching up on all the shows your missing. Check it out.

Greg Christensen said...

Hulu doesn't stream outside the US.
Neither does
Or Pandora.