Friday, November 21, 2008

Thunder on the Plains?

After day one of production in Minerbio, Italy (i.e., middle-of-nowhere with great pasta), I did what any American would do: I went back to my hotel room and watched CNN.

That's when I learned that the Seattle Supersonics are now the Oklahoma City Thunder. When did this happen? What's up Seattle? Too rainy to support your team? Boy, do I really feel disconnected.

(Trivial side note: In college, a friend and I spent an otherwise productive workday emailing back and forth trying to determine which NBA team name contained the most syllables. Tied for second with 7 syllables each were the Seattle Supersonics, and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Oklahoma City Thunder pulls the team ahead by one syllable. Sorry, Minnesota. But the undisputed champs of length are the deca-syllabic Philadelphia 76'ers.)

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Bukes said...

Living and working just down the street from the Sonics' stomping ground, the Key Arena, I can say there were no public outcries or displays of unhappiness when the Sonics left.

... I'm not sure anyone even noticed.