Sunday, November 16, 2008

On production

Leaving for production in Italy. Looking forward to that. Back on Wednesday night.

At Y&R Chicago, we had a client based in Italy who mandated all production be in the home country. It was tough to get good work sold, but the assigned team always knew they'd at least be getting a nice Italian trip out of it.

The one time I was assigned to it, the Italian government has just passed a law to protect children under 12 by making it illegal for them to work at all (our spot was very family-centric, and we had to have kids). Of course, the government realized the law was too extreme and they repealed it. But not in time for our shoot.

We discussed shooting in Buenos Aires because it looks European. Prague and Lugano, Switzerland were also options. The script had been through so many client revisions there was no way it was going on my reel. But as long as my passport was getting stamped, I could live with it.

We ended up shooting in LA.

I love LA. I love staying in Santa Monica. I love Shutters and La Merigot. I love appetizers at the Little Door, crunchy french toast at the Broadway Deli, cocoa at the Novel Cafe, animal style at In-N-Out Burger and bringing my family along so we can hit Disneyland on the weekend.

But if you tell me I'm going to Buenos Aires, Prague or Lugano, and then say I'm going to LA? Sorry. That's a bummer.


Swiss Miss said...

Nice to see another Adcenter grad working as an "English Copywriter" in Switzerland. Welcome.

Jer Jensen said...

You are a good man. Perhaps I shold start my own show...I'm officially looking for work. I'll stop getting a paycheck at the end of June, so I have time. Nevertheless, I'm still feeling a bit squirmish. We should chat/network, perhaps you can advise me.