Monday, January 18, 2010

Bakugan Au Combat!

Looking for Bakugan information? Click here: and please notice the ad links. If you find them relevant, click them. Thank you!

The reason for that post is the recent resurgence in Bakugan related activity according to Google Analytics. I cannot figure out how or why this is happening.


About a year ago, I wrote this post on Bakugan - a toy and pastime my son discovered in his Swiss school. After the post appeared, Google Analytics showed huge traffic to my site from Europeans interested in Bakugan.

As an experiment, I registered the domain name and started a blog with Google AdSense. For some reason, traffic to this site has not increased even though I use the phrase "Bakugan au combat!" frequently, conspicuously and ridiculously throughout the site, hoping it will appear on any Google searches. (Google "bakugan au combat" and the blog is the #2 hit, followed by Change it to an image search and my picture appears.)

A few days ago, on a whim, I did this post on I have since seen the traffic to triple, with heavy traffic from Germany.

I really don't know that many Germans.

So if you are interested in Bakugan, please visit Because my Google AdSense agreement does not allow me to ask you to click on the links, I only ask that you consider them, and pursue those most relevant to you. And because you never know which may be relevant, you may as well browse through them, if you like.

Bakugan au combat!

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