Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Metric lightning

Last night my wife and I were in bed watching the lightning storm outside our window. After each flash of lightning we'd count seconds until we heard the thunder to determine how many miles away it was.

And then we wondered how that converted to kilometers.

And then we realized we'd bought into that myth far too long.

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Harmony said...

Hello Greg!
I found your site through Tom Hiatt. And I love it! I've spent way too much time reading through your clever,true, and enlightening observations and thoughts. I love how well you document the unique and different things you experience and see in living here, that are "European". I make these observations mentally often, but you put them down in words and pictures so well, I may just post links on my blog site to yours. Your work seems really interesting, Spencer would probably enjoy talking to you about it, he has always been fascinated with advertising.