Friday, June 19, 2009

Open the blast door! Open the blast door!

"A storage room is usually provided in an apartment, and a lockable storage room in the cellar of the building, which doubles as the mandatory nuclear shelter (no joke)."
- Living and Working in Switzerland, 11th Edition

Switzerland has the highest ratio of nuclear shelter space to national population of any country n the world. Here's a quick tour of the nuclear shelter/storage space in our building. This first picture is main hallway. Take a right at the end and you go to the laundry room. Take a right and you end up in the Hydra Station.

In the event of nuclear attack, take the door on the right, please...

When Armageddon is at your doorstep, will your empty storage boxes, hiking backpacks and Christmas decorations be as secure as ours?

Behind each blast door are wooden fences dividing the shelter into multiple storage spaces. I just hope that if we're forced to live underground for a while, the wooden fences will be strong enough to keep out the C.H.U.D.S. and Mole People.

Two things I love: 1) that the subterranean shelters are called "CAVES" (which technically makes us troglodytes, and that is a word I've been waiting years to use legitimately), and 2) our storage space is #42.

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