Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home with the kids

Nutshell story of owning a home overseas:

  1. Had the house on the market a year ago before moving. The competition was two foreclosures in the neighborhood. Very slow going.
  2. Found an ideal renter. Decided to rent instead. Renter signed a two-year lease.
  3. Fast-forward 11 months to a couple weeks ago. The renter decides she can't afford stay anymore and is moving to her sister's place in Colorado.
  4. We decide to put the house back on the market. My wife books a flight to Chicago to clean up the house and get ready to sell.
  5. Fast-forward to last week. The renter contacts us again. Her ex-husband says he gets custody of the kids if she leaves the area. She's desperate to stay. We negotiate a new (slightly lower) lease. We have our renter again.
  6. My wife can't cancel or change her flight because she booked through Orbitz.
  7. Fast-forward to this morning. Dropped my wife off at the airport for a week of playing with friends in Chicago, shopping at Target, and eating the best sandwiches the world has ever known. Probably getting Krispy Kremes, too.
  8. I take Wednesday - Friday off to stay home with the kids. I really want to take them on a picnic today, but the weather forecast calls for playing Mario Kart Wii most of the afternoon.

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