Monday, June 29, 2009

Doctors, Ducks and Dokies

A conversation I recently had with a Swiss co-worker:

CO-WORKER: Why do Americans say “okie duck?”

GREG: What?

CO-WORKER: What does that mean? “Okie canard?”

GREG: It’s not “okie duck.” It’s okie dokie.

CO-WORKER: What’s does that mean?

GREG: "Okay."

CO-WORKER: Yes, but what’s a dokie?

GREG: Nothing. Nothing is a dokie. It’s like saying, “Oui, oui, Marie.”

CO-WORKER: Who’s Marie?

GREG: No one. I just made that up. But “okie dokie” is just a cute way of saying "okay."

CO-WORKER: But isn’t that what Bugs Bunny says? “What’s up, duck?”

GREG: No. He says, “What’s up, Doc?”

CO-WORKER: But he’s always talking to a duck.

GREG: You mean Daffy?

CO-WORKER: I don’t know. The black one who’s really loud.

GREG: Yeah, that’s Daffy.

CO-WORKER: But he’s a duck, no?

GREG: Yes, but Bugs Bunny says, “What’s up, Doc?” to everyone. Even if they’re not a duck.

CO-WORKER: What’s a doc?

GREG: A doctor.

CO-WORKER: He says, “What’s up, Doctor?”

GREG: Yes.

I’m not sure whether or not things were clear at this point, but the conversation ended, apparently having run its course.


Chantal said...

That was some conversation. I've had similar although they don't get much better than the one you just had!

Diane Kappa said...

WOW! I just can't do anything but laugh.

Steven Greimann and Diane Kappa said...

That reminds me of Abbott and Costello "Who's on first?" baseball sketch -

Chen-Carter said...

Sounds like convos with my 4 yr old!