Thursday, June 5, 2008

Why Move to Switzerland?

Here’s how it began:

My wife was watching a Food Network program on Singaporean cuisine. The food looked so good she asked if I’d ever want to work in Singapore. “Sure,” I said. “It’s a great city for advertising.” Plus I spent a week there once. The food really was great.

A few weeks later we started talking about China. With all that growth and opportunity, why not?

So I mentioned to my boss, Mark Figliulo, that if Y&R had any opportunities to transfer overseas - particularly to Singapore or China - I’d be very interested. He passed my name along to headquarters and a month later HR called and asked if I spoke Chinese. "No." So that didn't work out. Early on, there was also an opportunity in Singapore. But they were looking for an art director. Lucky art director.

About a year later, HR called and asked if I'd be interested in Switzerland. A country we'd never considered. One I'd visited only briefly. And one that had an agency in need of a copywriter.

So I've taken a job at Y&R Geneva, and in the next few weeks, my wife, children and I are moving to Switzerland. Because they have really good food in Singapore.

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