Friday, June 27, 2008

Awards in Storage

Two of the hardest packing decisions I've had to make:
  1. Do I take all my One Show annuals?
  2. Do I take my award show trophies?
One Show annuals are great inspiration. But they're extraordinarily heavy, and I'm on a fixed shipping budget. Same dilemma with the trophies. I mean, the Chicago Creative Award is literally a brick. Do I really need to take masonry with me to Switzerland? This is the only time I've felt the paper certificate you get as a One Show merit outweighs an actual gold, silver or bronze trophy.

Here's my compromise: Leaving the awards. Leaving most of the annuals. Taking only the annuals I'm in. Then I'll win more awards in Switzerland.


Bukes said...

I see legos in that box. Are you really going to take legos over an award? Well, maybe that is a good idea.

Burr said...

I would be happy to hold your annuals for you.

Peter Kliefoth said...

hell i'll hold your one show annuals