Thursday, June 19, 2008

False Start Dates

Originally, we'd talked about a January 1st start date. January 1st, 2008. Back when Hillary was a shoo-in.

Then we talked about March 1st. Which became June 1st. Which became July 1st. As of this writing, my official start date is July 7th.

The delay has been mostly due to paperwork, red tape, and lawyers (albeit, very helpful Swiss ones that do not conform to their American counterparts' stereotypes). I'm grateful that a lot of people have been holding my hand through this process. But I had no idea we'd be holding hands for this long. My palms are starting to get sweaty.

In the end, the early July date works out perfectly for us in terms of leasing our house and me wrapping up projects at the Chicago office. But it is a terrible tragedy that it forces us to miss both the biggest event in Geneva and the biggest event in Chicago.

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