Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gruyere Illustrated

We recently had family in town and took them to one of our favorite Swiss spots - Gruyere, about 80 minutes away from Geneva.

I picked up a couple postcards while I was there. I love old timey illustrations like this. It's what people did before the Canon Powershot.

I'm also a big fan of old tour posters. I love photography, but you just can't get a shot like this unless there's a giant ladle floating in the sky.


Chantal said...

I would go to Gruyere more often if it weren't so far from Zurich. Such a cute down. Did you go to the cheese factory?

Greg Christensen said...

Absolutely. The Cailler chocolate factory in Gruyere is also great. All-you-can-eat free samples at the end of the tour. Bring your stretchy pants.